Heart of the Whale +meditation

by Madeleine Grace



a gift from whale consciousness. this sound immersion is to help us feel into the fullness and hugeness of our being-ness. Whale wants to show us how big we are. When we truly are willing to see this, we expand into cosmos and further, beyond the sight of even the most advanced human telescope and understand out potential is much more than a career and a house and a business. Our potential is large enough to bring peace to the earth, so near, it can touch our lips and our bosoms, our forests and the streets. we don't need to keep people living homeless and starving when we live and love fully into our highest potentials.

Meditation to go along with this soundscape:
Imagine yourself floating atop the giant Ocean.
Small waves splash onto you.
More and more the waves invite you to submerge under.
You follow this invitation and allow the salty water to swallow you slowly.
Sinking ease-fully lower and lower
watching the filtered sunlight dissipate.
You find that you can breathe underwater
and the depths you reach are great
You meet a giant Blue Whale
it invites you in, to merge with its consciousness.
It takes you in to its being.
you rest a while
soaking in its frequency.
You open your astral eyes and see the stars. Galaxies and planets. gaseous rings and moons, you, from the inside the whale are part of it all, still.
Ever Expanding.
your capacity to feel deeper. to feel more.

feel how large you are.

when your ready, come back to earth. slowly.


back into your body.

feel your feet on the ground.


breathe again, and again.

I love you so much.


released January 4, 2020


all rights reserved



Madeleine Grace Rosendale, New York

When astroids and galaxies collide to create counter-melodies the mind could never encounter otherwise.

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